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Giovanni C
Giovanni C.
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Hello, thank you for taking a look at my profile and my listings. My name is Giovanni, I was born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa, I then moved to the US where I went to university and established myself and my career after school. One day I decided, eh, enough working- it was time to see the world :) I sold everything I had in the States, booked an Airbnb in Greece and have been going for over 3 years now. I have lived in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Melbourne, and now Prague during my travels. I found my passion for teaching English while exploring Asia but something always took my mind back to Prague. Now I'm so proud to say that I live in Prague, working as an English Teacher and hosting on Flatio. I absolutely love helping people enjoy their travels and see a new city and I am always happy to answer questions (with Prague or any other city you'd like to know about). I truly look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to my home. Cheers, Giovanni

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