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Amazing place! I highly recommend staying here. The mood is right and the place is clean and just a couple quick tram stops from everything you need to see! I loved it!! Dorci was very communicative, kind, and hospitable. She even collected post for us. Everything was perfect in the apartment and she answered every question that I had.For this price, staying at this place is a steal! I would highly recommend staying here!
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Who would say that the concept of Jobelhome was made in Germany by two IT businessmen? The owner, Balázs Endrédi runs his own IT company which works for big companies like Audi or Media Markt. He saw the possibility in his native country’s, Hungary’s tourism which is escalating more and more with high demands. He and the people behind the JobelHome Concept started to develop SmartHome based apartments which can provide you an exceptional experience but you don't have to be an IT nerd to enjoy your stay in JobelHome. :)
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Jobelhome Apartments is a high-quality apartment rental service provider. We are welcoming guests from around the world for both short and long term stay to enjoy unparalleled hospitality in this fabulous city, Budapest. Jobelhome “Home-office Apartments” is the perfect choice for traveling businessmen to hold small meetings, trainings/gatherings, interviews, and other business-related activities in a cozy apartment setting. Please enquire about our Business Packages from our associates when reservations are made. We strive to be the perfect choice either for couples, business travelers as well for parents traveling with children. All of our apartments are providing maximum space and comfort for all occasions. The units are equipped with the latest SmartHome technology and inter-connecting to maximize space and comfort.

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