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Luisa & Tiago V
Luisa & Tiago V.
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We're Luisa and Tiago, both born and raised in Lisboa. We're a curious and pro-active couple that loves to travel, to have adventures, meet new people and new cultures. We've been working with tourism for the last years and it has been a great pleasure to give visitors the best Portugal experience. Now we have our own short-term rental business and it has been the best decision we've ever had, as it gave us the opportunity to turn our lives upside down and to move out from the city Center to pursue new life projects. The first one and definitely the most important was to build a family. Lucas was born in August 2018 and we're totally in love! The biggest challenge of all. Our niece Carolina is now taking care of our apartments in Lisboa and we're sure she'll take good care of our dear guests! If our guests need anything, we're also 24h available through our phone. We're glad to help and to answer to any question!

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Říjen 2020

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