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Selina P
Selina P.
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Ferrel, Porto, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Ericeira, Lisabon
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Selina provides guests with beautiful places to stay, travel, and work abroad indefinitely. Plus, we use our in-depth local knowledge to create thousands of authentic activities and experiences in over 70 destinations worldwide. From the heart of urban cities to the depth of the Amazon Jungle, we put our heart, soul, and wanderlust into providing forever-travelers, break-takers, and staycaters with a new and exciting way to explore the world. Seaside towns, buzzing cities, and green as far as the eye can see? Portugal really does have it all. From a surf getaway in Ericeira and Peniche to exploring the natural beauty of Gerês, experiencing local culture in Milfontes, sampling the local wine in Porto, or touring the hidden streets of Lisbon, our locations are bursting with local passion. Travel to Portugal and you’ll encounter landscapes and good vibes unlike any other. Whether you enjoy life by the seaside, the bustle of the city, or the quiet charm of nature, the country has plenty of this - and more - to tick off your bucket list. Stop by our six centrally-located properties for a taste of the good life every step of the way. With private suites, mini-apartments, and community rooms, there’s a stay for every budget. Plus, with state of the art Coworking spaces at select locations, you won’t have to choose between working or staying on the road: at Selina Portugal, you can enjoy both!
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Our main hobbies are Wellness, Exploration, Cowork, Coliving and most important to built a welcome destination for our communities.

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