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Nuno S
Nuno S.
Ponta Delgada
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The host, Nuno, working as a captain on private yachts and having a chance to travel to the most remote places on earth by sailing boat, has always had a dream to come back to his homeland Sao Miguel and build a unique project to welcome travellers from around the world, providing the best possible experience of the Azores island. Therefore, the interior, furniture, and decorations were carefully selected and brought from different countries to create special and custom made designs. After living in the ocean for the last twenty years and completing 2 circumnavigations , Nuno believes that it totally makes sense to travel by boat, as 70% of our earth consists of water, so what a better way to experience traveling and visit the most distant but fascinating places and people? Currently, Nuno is back to Sao Miguel with his family and feels that it could not be a better time to give back and hosts guests in his hometown in the middle of Atlantic ocean.
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Sailing, surfing and Kitesurf

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