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Mariana C
Mariana C.
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Pleun A.
Pleun A.
Před před 23 dny
I had a lovely stay at Mariana's place. It's a really spacious room and has all the comfort you need. It's in a quiet area and 3 minutes walk to the water. It's a great place if you don't want to be in the Centre but still connected to the city. Spending time with Mariana, who is always sharing her food, kindness and wisdom, is just lovely!
Raphaël M.
Raphaël M.
Před před 4 měsíci
Mariana is a really kind person, who seems always ready to help people around us and with which you can have a nice conversation easily if you want to.

About the place, the room was really big with a lot of space and colorful. However, when it cold outside, it really is inside too and there is no heather or anything to warm the place. Also, there is not a lot of cooking equipments (there is no microwave or oven), only a hob. Concerning the private bathroom, it is not what you imagine when you think about a bathroom. Indeed, the toilet and the small sink are inside the shower. Furthermore, the pipes are a bit clogged and there is nothing to preclude the water to flood the kitchen when you take your shower so you need to take it really fast.

For all those reasons I am really sorry to rate the place so poorly, but I really think that you can find a better place cheaper and that some things need to be fixed. I tried to be as honest as I could and I am sorry Mariana because you were a really sweet person.
Celal C.
Celal C.
Před před 7 měsíci
I was in Mariana’s flat for almost the entire month of November and I felt very comfortable during my stay. The room is just like it is described. A balcony, own toilet and own entrance to the apartment is a big plus. The location is good: bus stops, markets, restaurants and gym are all close by. Porto with its magnificent river is really beautiful and worthwhile to visit. I recommend it.


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I am a water protector, an earth traveler, a fire tender, a dancer of life... I sing, design clothing for my own eco-brand, do vegetarian food catering for events.. I have a sweet home in Portugal and ... I am a nomad. ( I also speak catalan, but its not in the list )

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