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Veri Bressane B
Veri Bressane B.
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Veridiana Bressane is journalist, entrepreneur, body artist, Ayurvedic massagist and movement researcher. She is founder and director of Girls On Board a 360º feminine media plataform (www.girlsonboard.pt). Creater and teacher of Dance Healing, a mix of techniques from her knowledge, study and deepening in Contemporary Dance, Contact and Improvisation, Modern Dance, Cunningham Technique, Street Dance, Brazilian Rhythms, allied to Functional Training exercises, Pilates, Yoga, Biogenetics, Marina Abramovic, Meditation and the healing and inner connection. She has a degree in Social Science and in Body Arts Communication at PUC / SP (Brazil) and Ayurvedic Masseur from ALBA (Portugal). She is a Thetahealer, and therapist, from Brazil and resident in Ericeira.

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