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Tatiana S
Tatiana S.
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I grew up in Almada. I'm an expressions teacher at two local elementary schools, I work part time in Culturgest Lisbon - the national bank's contemporary arts foundation and I do freelance graphic design work. My hobbies include thriller books, period drama movies and vegan cooking. The best travels I've made where Lithuania, Lethonia, Estonia in a row (alone with only 50 euros and a change of clothes) São Tomé with the family and Bulgaria with my man. I often work out to electronic/neoclassic music and then retrieve to indie folk and chamber pop, not to mention contemporary Brazilian funk and Spanish tunes to get the body shaking. What I most enjoy about being a NomadX host is to learn and exercise the art of well receiving and providing the traveler a quality view of our side of the river, as well as the Portuguese welcome.

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