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Fatima, Paula E
Fatima, Paula E.
Srdečný pronajímatel
Srdečný pronajímatel
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We are longtime friends. In the beginning, it was just us. But now it is us and our great team. Passionate about Lisbon, we will welcome you with a big smile and a warm attitude. We love to travel, we love our homes, our neighbourhood and also our beautiful city! Our goal is to welcome you to the heart of Lisbon, a city with a centuries old soul and a contemporary vanguard edge. Exciting or relaxing, all we want is to create a memorable stay. IMPORTANT: Covid-19 Special: Please notice that high cleaning standards always was a key factor in our properties: all apartments are professionally cleaned and disinfected after guests departure. Beds are freshly made before guests arrival with fresh bed linen and fresh towels. Linen is treated (washed and disinfected), after each departure by a professional company, as well.

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