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Hugo B
Hugo B.
Ponta Delgada
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Me and my wife and our three kids fell in love with São Miguel Island, in the Azores, with its welcoming and warm people, with its therapeutical hot springs surrounded by huge leave plants, amazing walking treks, temperate weather, and the always warm ocean water, and stunning views over the craters and the vast Atlantic Ocean... So many things we love there! It's our favorite place to go on holidays, and that was the reason why we prepared this vila to share with many others!!! We have a local team that will support our guests anyway when needed, Patricia and Salvador.
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We all are very connected to the sea and nature, I can say we are a kind of surfer freaks, my passion and therapy is retro surf, my wife goes out on her hand plane and fins to bodysurf, Mati of 12 years old is addicted to bodyboard, Omar of 9 stands up on his surfboard like a pro, and Julia of 3 is still on the sand deciding which board is her favorite :) We love to live simply, be with our kids, friends, and family, walking in nature, or stay on the beach until the sun goes down.

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