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Colive P
Colive P.
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Colive has a great team and provides very nice service. Their places are spacious, light and well decorated and the full Colive team will be there to answer all your questions and make your stay as smooth as possible. Great job!
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Colive is offering some Coliving spaces in Europe. We are, more than ever, focus on our community. Indeed, more than the accommodations it-selves, we believe that expats and nomads wish more than ever to connect. That's why we work hard to have an easy and flexible stay plus to organise some events and activities with all our members! Wanna be part of the Colive family ? Visit our website www.colive.eu, join us, and experience de city like you never did !
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Community, fun, experience, management, comfort, flexibility, all included.

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Leden 2021

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