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Sofia M
Sofia M.
Srdečný pronajímatel
Srdečný pronajímatel
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O mně
Olá :) My name is Sofia, for 5 years i rent my house to travelers when i am out of town. Your check in will be done by me or by a neighbor or friend. There is a cafe under the apartment "O David", Mr. José and the staff are very friendly and helpful. If I cannot receive you personally, the key will be in the cafe and you can pick it up there. I am 32 years old and I live in Lisbon and Alentejo, so while I am out of town you can stay at my house and get to know the Lisbon that I know. I love pets, but unfortunately I can't always allow pets in my apartment. I have some allergies! So if you would like to bring a pet, let me know in advance and we’ll talk about whether it’s a good idea or not. I speak a bit of English and a bit of Spanish.
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I like water, rivers and the sea. I like walking barefoot. I like to climb trees, as high as I can and sit there. I like to close my eyes and open my arms and feel the wind. I like birds but do not like cages with them inside. I like diversity in general. I like to notice things that almost nobody notices and smile with the left side of my mouth. I like people, working with them, watching them and think about it. I like poetry, although I do not read much, I apply it in my day-to-day. I like challenges and I like even more to overcome them, I like to laugh. I like music, if I could choose, my life would be music. I like to try new things. Never had favorite things. I like to play with words. I like hugs, especially the ones that take their time, I like to feel two hearts beating. I like to have strong relationships with people. I like to be transparent and sometimes mysterious. I like many other things but these are the ones that I would like to share now.

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