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Paula a
Paula a.
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We are a young and dynamic couple with good taste and an international lifestyle. I work in interiors design and enjoys while working closely with some designers representing them and helping them market their work. We have heard great things about Flatio and have decided to try this out. We are very easy going, and like to keep ourselves busy with travel and fun experiences. i am fluent in , Spanish, English and some French and hope that this will be useful to all our international guests when in need of advice or tips in Porto. We are always available to extend our local knowledge to the many wonderful people who have stayed with us .
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i am really engaged with design, staging and interior design. i love Porto the town i live now with pedro my husband and our twins. i was born in mozambique, lived in brasil for 4 years. i am a textile enginner, with a Phd at UK at marketing and strategy.i was lecturing at university for 11 years and now i am full devoted to my guests. we have proprieties at braga, guimaraes, Porto and Vila do conde.

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