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Lucie M
Lucie M.
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My inspiration for creating Jirinkova Co-Living comes from traveling abroad. I had so many great experiences thanks to the incredible people I met. I have decided to pay it forward by creating great experiences for others who choose to come to Czechia. I also run an AirBnB in Krkonose mountain where I achieved the super-host status in 2018 and still keeping in :)
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You can get to spend quality time with like-minded individuals who exchange knowledge in marketing, business, creativity, politics, human rights, relationships, and many other fields. Maybe you can even starts business cooperation or friendships that have the potential to stand the test of time. During your stay, we can show you gardening, teach you about Czech culture, food, and traditions, so you will get to truly experience our country. Overall, you can get to experience Prague and Czechia through the eyes of the locals and see places that you won't find in a travel guide.

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