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New 2 Bedroom Apartment with Terrace
4 osoby
2 ložnice
1 koupelna
58 m2
od  34 003  / 30 dní
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Byt k pronájmu - Funchal

Black Fig (Figeuira Preta) apartment is a newly renovated two bedroom apartment in the center of Funchal's bustling old town within walking distance to the city's key attractions in every direction. Enjoy a walk along the promenade, a swim at Praia São Tiago, coffee & lunch at Max cafe below or hop on the cable car to Monte just a 10 minute walk away. Perhaps you want to dine in the vibey Zona Velhas for dinner or maybe you want to just hang out on the south facing terrace with a poncha in hand at the apartment. The opportunities are endless during your stay with us and we want to make it your most memorable experience yet!
There is a hospital nearby, Nelio Mendonca Hospital which is about 15 mins walk from the flat as well as public parking for your car at Anadia Shopping Centre (5 min walking distance).

Flat contains a double bed in the main bedroom plus a single bed in the 2nd room with a pull out additional single bed beneath. Air conditioning in both main bedrooms. Fully functional kitchen with hob and fridge / freezer.

Large modern walk in shower.

The internet has been fully upgraded and the flat now has its own dedicated router, at a quick speed and will be suitable for those working from home. There is also now an oven for those guests keen on their own cooking and baking.

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Tenant photo
The flat is situated perfectly - it lays in the heart of the city. The owner and people at Restaurant Max are very helpful and simply awesome. If you need help or assistance, you can surely count on it.

The internet connection is suitable for remote work, easily handles VPN, even on multiple computers.

There are all appliances needed for a longer stay. We liked the flat very much and highly recommend it!
Hodnoceno dne: 14.11.2022
Délka pobytu: 1 měsíc
Tenant photo
Definitely check functionality of all items when first entering residence. Owner / reps don't check in between guests and conflicts can arise if everything isn't recorded at the moment of move in. I made that mistake here being overwhelmed with a sick infant and visiting mother, and it lead to tensions at move out when a lamp that was never functional was attributed to my stay. Live and learn!

We do check the functionality of all the equipment after every tenant leaves and we do have to query at times. All we did do was query and check with the tenant and she wasn't made to pay anything, we were just checking with her. 99% of times all is left in order, so this is rather the exception than the rule.
Hodnoceno dne: 02.10.2022
Délka pobytu: 1 měsíc
Tenant photo
The aparment itself is great. Also the location in Funchal is perfect. But as it was mentioned in another review, it can be a bit loud around 6-7am, when the restaurant downstairs opens.
Hodnoceno dne: 21.08.2022
Délka pobytu: 15 dní
Tenant photo
+ Very good location if your aim is the attractions of Funchal.
+ The apartment is clean and recently renovated.
+ Both bedrooms have air conditioning.
+ The internet was working fine (30 Mbps)

- Very uncomfortable and small beds.
- Poor soundproofing, so you will be woken up every morning (6/7 AM) by a loud sound from the restaurant downstairs.
- Large kitchen, but the fridge is very small and you can only cook on a small hob and microwave. Very few kitchen equipment and utensils.
- The whole apartment is cheaply furnished, so be prepared for a lot of things to break (be sure to let the hosts know and they will sort it out)

Recommendation: I think this apartment would be good for a single parent with 1/2 children or two friends.

Thanks for your valid comments.

We have now installed a small oven in the flat, and as we are always trying to improve the flat, we will be looking into getting a better mattress in due course.

Many thanks.
Hodnoceno dne: 19.06.2022
Délka pobytu: 2 měsíce
Tenant photo
The apartment is really nicely furnitured, we found there everything we needed for a 3 months stay.
Bedrooms are perfect, bathroom is fine as well, the only thing that can be a bit disturbing is kitchen which is pretty dark (but it's fine, since it's beautiful out there and it makes you want to leave the place and explore the city :)). At the beginning of our stay we experienced some issues with wifi (we wanted to work in 2 separate bedrooms, both me and my husband, and the connection was too weak). We reported that to Luisa and she organized much better connection and a dedicated router super quickly, which was completely sufficient for remote work for 2 people.
The apartment is generally well equipped, the washing machine is there, you migth miss an oven if you're staying for a bit longer, but there's a microwave which was a plus for us.
Location is perfect - you're in the center of Funchal, but you do not experience a lot of tourists and it gets quickly calm in the evenings. The owners of the restaurant downstairs are super friendly and you really can feel welcomed there. Luisa was perfect as a host, super responsive and caring.
Hodnoceno dne: 04.04.2022
Délka pobytu: 3 měsíce
Tenant photo
Unfortunately this apartment is not suitable for long term stays or remote workers. The internet is so bad you can barely even check emails on it. Thankfully there is a co-working space 10 mins walk away but it cost us (2 people) €200 to work there for the 2 weeks we stayed in this apartment. We confronted the property manager about it but were just told there was nothing they could do. It seems they don't have dedicated internet in the apartment and just use a wifi booster from another location.

As well as this there is no oven, just a microwave grill combo which is fine for short stays but awkward when you want to cook a lot of meals at home.

Finally, there were a few maintenance issues in the apartment. The toilet seat was broken and the shower drained was blocked. When I opened the drain to try to unblock it I could tell it had not been cleaned in a long time.

Overall the apartment is beautifully decorated and in a central location so I think it would be better for a long weekend or short holiday where good internet isn't required. Luisa was also very good with comms, but perhaps should reconsider her property manager!

Thank you very much for your feedback, this is much appreciated as this is the only way we can improve. Please note that the internet has been fully upgraded and the flat now has its own dedicated router. The internet now works perfectly and at a quick speed and will be suitable for those working from home. Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Regarding the microwave oven, thank you - we will look into upgrading this.

The toilet seat has now been repaired and I have discussed a new and more rigorous cleaning routine with the property manager so that the drains and other elements are deep cleaned appropriately.
Thank you again for your review!
Hodnoceno dne: 17.01.2022
Délka pobytu: 18 dní
Tenant photo
The best part about this apartment is its amazing location. It is in the middle of the beautiful old town and close to everything. We enjoyed the variety of restaurants, bakeries, markets, and the ocean.
We especially appreciate the fast and friendly help and response from Ana and Luisa, who made us feel that we were not left alone whenever we needed something.
We also enjoyed the brightness of the bedrooms, which have a huge window front and a great balcony. Thanks to the thick curtains it is easy to keep the sunlight out.
The apartment was clean and has modern furniture and nice decorations.

There were a couple of things that were not very suitable for us:
The internet was slow in certian areas in the house. For-example it was not 100% reliable when using it in the bedrooms it was only fast when move closer to the main door or sitting on the stairs.
The common area where the kitchen at was a bit dark since there is no sunlight coming in. The bedrooms are directly over the restaurant, so it gets a bit noisy when it opens up at 6 or 7 in the morning. Despite all this we really enjoyed the stay in the apartment.

Thank you very much for your review, this is much appreciated and I am pleased you enjoyed your stay. I can confirm the internet has now been fixed and the apartment has its own dedicated router, resulting in a fast and reliable connection. Indeed, the apartment is in a very central location so some noise can be experienced in the morning, hopefully this wasn't too disruptive.

Many thanks for staying with us
Hodnoceno dne: 06.12.2021
Délka pobytu: 28 dní
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O majiteli
Luisa S. 4
Na Flatio od srpna 2021
Srdečný pronajímatel
Zkušený pronajímatel
My name is Luisa and I have been renting properties to tenants for more than 3 years now. My daughter Bianca helps me, so sometimes you will be in contact with her.

My daughter personally designed and fitted the interior of the flat.

If you have any questions or need any help, you can reach me really easily.

I have a flexible work schedule, which makes it easy for me to help tenants when needed.

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