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Isabelle R.
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A dream comes true ... My name is Isabelle and I would like to introduce my family: Eduard, my husband and my children, Roger and Oriol. In 2013, after 23 years líving in Barcelona, I left this beautiful city to go to the countryside, in Llampaies, a small village of 80 inhabitants located in the north of Catalonia (Alt Empordà). The life in the city was too stressful and exhausting. I had a great need to go back to the origins, to rediscover the essence of things and small details that make us happy when we can stop the clock.
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My passion is living in Can Gat Vell, taking care of the gardens and animals, being in contact with nice and respectuous people. I enjoy sharing what I like with other people, for that reason I love to recommend activities or visits that I like. I love walking along the rural roads of Llampaies, seeing friends, walking on the beach, reading, spending time with my children, knitting, etc. I also like to organize yoga and mindfulness retreats.

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