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Mari S.
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With me she has been kind, helpful and professional addressing all my concerns and needs.
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I am offering this apartment in the historic building in the Alta, the neighborhood surrounding Coimbra University. I know how difficult it is to find a comfortable place to land while you figure out life in a new country, settle bureaucracy, take Portuguese lessons, and make decisions about your future in Portugal. See all of my apartments at www.coimbrarentals.com Coimbra is a small and navigable city with all the urban amenities, as well as a fantastic Portuguese for Foreigners language course. For anyone looking to make a move to Portugal, Coimbra is a great place to start. It is connected to all parts of the country by train and bus, 40 minutes from the coast, and mid-way between Lisbon and Porto. It has great schools, hospitals and a wonderful community of students, foreigners (of all ages), and lifelong residents. Our greatest challenge in moving was finding a place that felt like we could quickly settle in while figuring all the moving pieces of immigration. Looking back on what I would have liked to have as a new arrival is my inspiration for the apartments. The building is just steps away from everything you need and all the vibrant life of the historic center. The apartments are the perfect "landing pad" for your adventure in Portugal, whether you your future plans include setting in Coimbra, exploring the region and need a home base, or you have open-ended plans and are looking for medium-term stay.

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