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Isabel P
Isabel P.
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Praha, Bratislava
Srdečný pronajímatel
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Sergio L.
Sergio L.
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My name is Isabel and I live in Prague (as much as my work allows me). This flat is my 'old home' (I moved to another flat, but not far away) :-) I have been renting my property for more than 15 years. When I was younger, i was a tenant (also for about 12 years)... so I understand that both sides (tenant & landlords) have a lot of common priorities: good status of the property, uncomplicated contracts, clarity on the communication, and privacy. Most of my rentals are made to executives or companies -- because of the location, high-end facilities & features of the flat, as well as its design, it fits to the lifestyle of executives. Whereas the 'minimum rental' is for one month, most of my tenants stay for much longer! Kindly notice that, being a doctor, I do not endorse smoking -- that is why my flat has a non-smoking policy!
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I am interested in architecture and art - and tried to reflect part of it on the decoration of the flat - without compromising in modernity & performance. Apart from that, i enjoy travelling, art, gourmet food and wine tasting. Prague is an amazing location for enjoying all of them! Happy to provide you with tips and suggestions

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