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Maria P
Maria P.
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Srdečný pronajímatel
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Alessandro L.
Alessandro L.
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The place is absolutely the best I found so far for that price amount in Lisbon.

Maria, the landlady, has been available since my request to book, she bothered to pick me up at the airport and as to her home, she really looked after every detail so that her tenants can enjoy a really pleasurable stay at her place.

The house is really fully equipped.

The room is welcoming and comfortable with its own AC split.

The internet connection is super fast. You are on a high floor with a nice view, although the area is a bit noisy due to the traffic at every hour. That's a minor inconvenience, though: as soon as you shut the window you're not bothered anymore.


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O mně
Born and raised in Lisbon. As an adult, I have lived in Luanda (Angola), Santos (Brazil) and in the beautiful island of Bermuda. Now I've returned to my home town, which has always been in my heart. I enjoy to travel to see more of the world and challenge myself. I love photography and theatre, which are my main hobbies, as well as hanging out with my family and friends, learning about other cultures, experiencing new foods and different perspectives of the world, going to the theatre and cinema, and learning about a new technology. Despite being extroverted, I also like my privacy and my quiet time at home, to work or study, listen to music, podcasts or watch TV (always using my headphones to not disturbe other people). Home is were I recharged, so I like it to be a safe, quiet, clean, organize and friendly place.

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