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Cristina M
Cristina M.
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I lived and grew up in Lisbon but have been living in Sintra for 27 years. I know its wonders very well and I love living in the countryside. I really enjoy going to Lisbon on weekends when it's not so busy and it reminds me of the old Lisbon where I grew up. I love traveling and getting to know different places and cultures. I always try to discover less touristy places and talk to local people. Every trip I take is a lifelong learning experience. When I come back from a trip, I usually say "no one will ever take this memory from me!" Although I really like to go, I also like to come back. I really enjoy staying home, tending my garden and vegetable garden and doing my job as a hostess. It's a pleasure for me to receive guests! I'm a fan of books, cinema, musique and nature. I'm an optimist, cheerful and communicative and I try to make each day a special day.

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