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Bence V.
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Classic Holiday Villa in Balatonalmádi

Hodnoceno dne: 03.07.2023 Délka pobytu: 24 dní

Everything was great. The house was close to the city centre and to the Balaton. We could park our car in front of the house. The kitchen was not too big but we could manage in it. Only an oven is missing from there. Bence was very helpful throughout our stay. He helped us with the laundry as well. We were able to grill in the garden and we had our own terrace. The bed was comfortable. The internet was good. All in all we are pretty happy with our decision to stay there. The accomodation was not luxurious but the price was great!

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Péter S.

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Hi, I'm Bence. I was born in Budapest, but from my childhood I spent my summers in Balatonalmadi in the summer house that my family has been renting out for short stays in summers for 50 years. I would be happy to host and rent out my apartment for nice people for short and longer stays as well.
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I am interested in architecture because my job is my hobby at the same time. So I have books and magazines on design and I can give you some not so widely known tips where to look for great architecture in Budapest.

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