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José and Paula S.
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Hello! Thank you for considering to stay with us! We are Paula and José, We live in the center of Portugal and we love to travel, we are also a campervan couple. After years and years living and working in Lisbon we wanted a more meaningful life so we choosed to change our Life to the countryside where we try to have a more healthy Life. The House on the Beach is the Project we build with Heart, for our Family Holidays at Algarve. Now, we chosed to share it with Guests looking for a "paradise place" to rest or to work near the beach, being the rentals of this house, our survivor work.
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Yes, we have good hobbies. Friendship and sharing as well as good feelings and attitudes are something that characterizes us on the path of Life and that we always hope to Repay and Receive back, with Gratitude. We love music, read books (reason why we have books everywhere. You will find also a small library that we started at the House and our Guests continued to share books in their own languages. This is a library for everyone and we are very proud). We love Cinema, good stories, Culture, Art and History. As campervan people, we love freedom, we love nature and animals and we use to try all sports we can do. We also like to do nature walks and kayak walks. We love the Sun, the Sea, the Sand but also the Snow and our favorite season of the year is Spring.

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