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Zsófia G.
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I have known Zsófia since childhood, and we've been friends for almost 3 decades, so I hope my reference comes across as genuine because I truly know her. I can only speak highly about Zsófia; she's a professional when it comes to life, from her work through playing volleyball to renting out her lovely flat. She'll take you seriously, and you can rely on her in exchange. Btw the flat! I loved being at Zsófi's; the apartment has a very charming atmosphere, and it's sunny and lovingly furnished. Zsófia truly cares for this apartment and would love to welcome a tenant who would do just the same.
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I was living in my beloved flat in Budapest for 2 years, until I moved to Germany, where I also rent an apartment. After facing the difficulties of finding a nicely furnished home, I decided to rent out my flat with all the furniture I picked for myself, and make other’s life easier.

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