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Cheila G.
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Me and my husband, both from Lisbon, due to our professional endeavors (we’re field veterinarians), have the privilege of knowing this beautiful, yet still fairly unexplored, region of the High Alentejo, since it’s here that we carry out our work. We wanted to show, in a sustainable fashion, to people from urban areas, the full potential this region has to offer. We’re experienced in long-term house rentals in rural areas and we’ve met fantastic people thanks to this experience.
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We love animals, which is why we dedicated our lives to them :) If you want to see the birth of a calf, tend to sheep or feed our donkeys, you can come join us on a workday. Regarding actual hobbies... we’d love to have them, but between the animals and our 3 children, we’re not left with much time to rest. That’s OK, we live by doing what we love :D

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