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Carlos S.
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Hi! I am Carlos and your host here in Portugal! I spent most of my life abroad but decided to come back. I have not looked back since then and am completely in LOVE with the Lisbon area, its natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle. Why do I love Portugal and Estoril? Simple! Here is a typical day: - Take breakfast as I see the sunrise - Then go for a 30 minutes run side-by-side with the Ocean - Start my daily work fresh and full of energy until lunchtime - At lunch, I cook fresh food bought at the local Farmers' Market (few minutes walk away) - Late afternoons are spent either in Lisbon, kitesurfing at the local beaches or just at the beach relaxing and reading - Evenings usually involve having friends over, going for dinner out or just enjoying a glass of wine Looking forward to meeting you in beautiful Estoril!

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