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INFORMAL INN S. Miguel - Room 3

Hodnoceno dne: 21.06.2023 Délka pobytu: 23 dní

The owners are kind. Everything was good. They made cleaning every week. They are very nice people.

The buildings in the street looks similar. There I A Tasca restaurant nearby.
Just during the night people sometimes cross the street celebrating something and are noisy. That is in regard to the room with window to the street. But otherwise ok.

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Pineapple plantations (the 1sr one is 25 min by walk), go along the see to the west and see nice cliff and further some black sand beaches. Visit Louvre bar with tasty Gin and Tonic and Reizz dance club.

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Vit A.

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Leonor and Vitor: we are your hosts. We share the love for travelling while staying right here seizing the opportunity to experience an elsewhere compiled from the diverse life stories of whom we meet. We also share the love for art, witch led us to share the studio and art gallery that occupies the ground floor of the house. We named it INFORMAL CONCEPT GALLERY as it represents the way we welcome visitors in our workspace hoping they’ll experience art, our own and other local authors, the same way.

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