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Gabor N.
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Srdečný pronajímatel
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Hello there, I am Gabor. This lovely apartment is mine with unique interior design for my personal needs. Since I moved abroad for a few months I would like to rent it out for someone who will move in as its his/her property and like this he/she takes good care of it.
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I am interested in travel a lot. The further from home the more fun :) But when I am not abroad, I live normal life, spend time with my loved ones and friends. I am also a hobby DJ and like to listen and play electronic music on my own dj booth. Sports are very important for me. I go to run around the Margitsziget 5 times a week. Its exactly 10 km to get there, run around and return back to the flat. I would recommend you to try it as well. I hope you will enjoy spending time in my studio. Let me know if you need any help.

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