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Horst M.
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One-bedroom apartment with balcony, Steglitz

Hodnoceno dne: 20.04.2021 Délka pobytu: 6 měsíců

Horst is a very kind and caring landlord. He was always on hand to answer my questions during my stay at his apartment. The apartment itself is compact, neat and has everything you could possibly need. I have zero complaints on both fronts and I'd totally recommend the apartment to anyone looking for a place to stay.

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Christian U.

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One-bedroom apartment with balcony, Steglitz

Hodnoceno dne: 12.06.2018 Délka pobytu: 2 měsíce

Perfect host and great apartment! Horst is very friendly, communicative, detailed and helpful til the last bit. The apartment was spotlessly cleaned and had everything you may need. The neighbourhood is very peaceful, green and quiet, you can even hear birds singing! I can absolutely recommend this place to anyone.

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Lota P.

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O mně
Hallo, seien Sie mir willkommen in meiner kleinen Stadtwohnung in Berlin. Ich hoffe, Sie fühlen sich in dem ruhigen, aber dennoch zentrumsnah gelegenen abgeschlossenen 1 ZKB-Appartment wohl.
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Hello, welcome to my small city appartment in Berlin. I sincerely hope you are enjoying your stay in the enclosed 1-room-apartment.

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