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Rita L
Rita L.
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Srdečný pronajímatel
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Hello my name is Rita. I work as a freelance innovation consultant. Currently I am living abroad with my family, that's why I offer to rent our flat. It has an excellent location, just close to everything (parks, restos, bars, shopping malls), yet it is in a more quiet street close to downtown. Previously, I often had to move in foreign countries, and it was aIways quite cumbersome to start a new life. So renting my own, I made my best efforts to renovate and equip the flat with everything one might need starting a new life in a foreign country - even if for a short(er) while :) It is fully equipped with furnitures, bed linen, bathroom and kitchen utensils. In the monthly rental you have everything included, also internet and common costs. I am a kind, communicative person and I am always looking forward to meeting new people. Even if I am not at hand I have always someone to take care of the guests. If that all sounds good enough, please contact me, I am ready to arrange a visit to the flat!
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Hardly ever time for hobbies but I love horse rinding,trekking and running. Also like to read and dance tango.

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