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Balázs J.
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Javaine D.
Javaine D.
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Great Apartment, Fantastic


Balázs is a kind and young man, offering a fancy flat for students - this has been newly renovated! He is a fair and trustworthy guy, having had renters from all over the world, as of today. Universities, sports & recreation center, Corvin District (Party & Retaurants) are in the vicinity of his place!
Balázs is a nice man and also a responsible landlord. He works a lot as a R&D Engineer, but always takes care of his renters. If there's an issue to be solved around the flat, he always tries to find time after work to arrange things. He also helps new renters to get along when arriving to Hungary and shows them around the city of Budapest He prefers having renters from abroad, as he likes getting to know nice people from all over the world. His apartment is a cozy and fancy place, recommended especially for students of Semmelweis / ELTE / Ludovika - 10 minutes walk to the school!! The brand new sports complex in front of the building is worth trying out!
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Hi Guys, I am Balázs Józsa, Male, 36, married with 2 children, working as Electrical Engineer. I've been renting flats for 3 years exclusively for international students. Looking forward to welcome you in Budapest and offer my assistance for your moving in!

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