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Hanka S
Hanka S.
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A passionate traveler, world explorer, life enjoyer, good food and coffee lover, yoga practitioner and freelance enterpreier :-) I traveled part of the world as a digital nomad, lived half a year at Bali and still plan to do nomadic trips in future so sometimes you will meet my cooperator instead of me :-) During my stays, I didn't always want to work from coworking places and appreciated also the opportunity to use the place I was staying like a kind of home office. And especially at Bali (but not even there), I was enjoying to shop on local markets with locals (OMG I enjoyed the fruit there so much!). That's why I found a place nearby the local market where can my guest shop too and even the apartment is situated in the historical Art Nouveau building, so my guest can little bit experience a gentle touch of the atmosphere of the beginning of 20th century in Czech. That was my intention when I was renovating the apartment. My wish is to meet the same nice people I was meeting during my travel time and I also wish you will enjoy your time at Brno and will like the atmosphere at the apartment and historical center full of nice coffee shops (have I already mention I love good coffee?) around.

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