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Jindřiška B
Jindřiška B.
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Celkové hodnocení majitele
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Katarina O.
Před před 2 měsíci
The apartment is in a great location right in the city center, but the windows are facing inside the building complex and not the street which makes it relatively quiet. It's right next to the theatre so sometimes there's a lot of noise when people come outside for a break during the performance, but otherwise it was more or less quiet.

I wanted to checkin at 2pm, but the owner wasn't available since 11am like the contract stated so she was kind enough to offer me to come one day earlier, which I really appreciated. The checkin was fine, however, I was in a hurry and didn't have much time to check everything. When I returned later that day and had finally time to see everything properly I found out that the flat was cleaned very poorly. There was dust and spiderwebs everywhere, in some places the dust hasn't been cleaned for months if not years. The floor hasn't been cleaned as it had some dried spillage. Some blanket covers were stained with blood.

Before I came I've had spent two days traveling so the last thing I wanted to do is having to spend several hours cleaning. When I confronted the owner about these issues she immediately got very defensive and started to insult me. In the end she didn't offer any solution. This kind of ruined the whole experience for me.

Other than that, the apartment is very well equipped. The furniture is older, but still functional. The shower/bathtub doesn't have a curtain, which was a bit annoying. Otherwise, it's a very nice apartment. The checkout was again without any problems. I left one day earlier.
Veronika S.
Veronika S.
Před před 3 měsíci
Hezké a pohodlné bydlení v centru Prahy a moc milá paní majitelka , skvělá domluva.
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Anna P.
Před před 4 měsíci
We stayed here for two weeks and all was as described. The host and her son are wonderfull helping people. Would gladly recommend staying at this place - right in the city centre for an affordable price.
Morgane H.
Morgane H.
Před před 5 měsíci
Version Française :
Super appartement, très bien situé à 5 minutes du centre et beaucoup de commerce à proximité. L’appartement ne donne pas sur la rue donc plutôt calme! Parfait pour un long séjour et très bien équipé. La propriétaire est très gentille et disponible en cas de question. Je recommande vivement !

English version :
Super apartment, very well located 5 minutes from the center and lots of shops nearby. The apartment does not overlook the street so rather quiet! Perfect for a long stay and very well equipped. The owner is very nice and available in case of questions. I highly recommend !
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Diana S.
Před před 3 lety
Super service


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