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Harsányi Z.
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Room for rent (Room number 3)

Hodnoceno dne: 07.04.2022 Délka pobytu: 2 měsíce

The apartment is for sale so there are continuous visits. The apartment has cockroaches too.

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Sean L.

Stylish classic apartment in Kazinczy street

Hodnoceno dne: 06.09.2021 Délka pobytu: 2 měsíce

A lakás olyan mint a képeken, jól fel van szerelve. Egyedül egy íróasztalt hiányoltunk, ami kényelmesebbé tenné az itt létet a home office-ban dolgozók számára.

tenant photo

Ernő C.

Room for rent (Room number 4)

Hodnoceno dne: 17.06.2021 Délka pobytu: 3 měsíce

I have a positive impression, very comfortable

tenant photo

Yuri P.

Cozy stunning home in Kazinczy street

Hodnoceno dne: 22.02.2021 Délka pobytu: 5 měsíců

The flat is cozy, spacy and well equipped. It is situated in the heart of Budapest, with plenty of shops nearby. There are lot of famous spots, monuments, churches etc. in walkable distance.
Within the building, the flat is located in the ground floor in the inner courtyard, which means there is almost no sunlight coming through the windows. As a result, we had to have the lights on during most of the day.
The equipment includes washing machine and dishwasher. The wifi connection is very good. There are two heaters: in the kitchen and in the living room/bedroom. The living room one was not working for some weeks, which was incovenient, as it was during the cold autumn months.
Landlady is friendly and helpful. She resolved almost all of our requests, though in some cases it took longer time.
Overall, the flat is good, suitably located, for a fair price.

tenant photo

Jela A.

Stylish apartment in Dohány utca, centre Budapest

Hodnoceno dne: 06.09.2020 Délka pobytu: 15 dní

A lakás tiszta volt, és pontosan úgy nézett ki, mint a képeken. A tulajdonos nagyon segítőkész volt egy kisebb probléma megoldása kapcsán.

tenant photo

Attila M.


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I am from Hungary, Budapest and have been working with tourists for 7 years. My aim to provide a homely atmosphere for my guests during their holiday in my apartments. I was studying hairdressing in the high school and economics at the university, I know these two are quite far apart: ) I am traveling a lot too. Hosting my guests is very important for me, it is more than a job.... I hope we can meet soon in Budapest!

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