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Andrew T
Andrew T.
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O mně
I founded the Public Happiness Movement, a global self-led volunteering network. After 10 years living in a van travelling around and growing it i adopted a puppy and move to plant roots by the beach and ocean. I rented the flat so there are always good people around and my puppy doesn't get bored when i'm working and i find working around others helps me to focus also. There are excellent co-working spaces nearby if you'd rather work away from where you live. I moved in Febuary 2020 and so far have had one group live there together for 8 months, where we had a really excellent friendly, lively and fun vibe. Hanging out and going on social adventures together. I'd love to have you join the next chapter
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I'm often away at exhibitions and conferences where i make my income from speaking about creating more peace and well-being or blockchain - and especially where those two fields intersect. I also enjoy reading, studying productivity, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, gym, martial arts, and all water related hobbies.

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Říjen 2020

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