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Inês G
Inês G.
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It is the best place I have ever lived, I felt at home, Inês always helped with everything, I was very happy to be there
O mně
SEGUNDA CASA was our first family home. We have now moved over to the flat upstairs and have decided to welcome students and young professionals who are looking for a home away from home. The apartment is located in a residential building. Neighbours are quiet and friendly. There are a lot of local shops around. A supermarket is on the ground floor of the building. Oeiras Parque Shopping mall is at 10m walk. Oeiras train station is at 15m walk and if you add 5 more mins you will end up at the beach with your feet in the sand. The apartment is fully furnished, and the living room is also a library with plenty design books and table games for you to enjoy. We want our guests to feel at home, so visits are allowed. SEGUNDA CASA is a home full of nice memories where our kids grew up and we as a family lived very happy Birthday and Christmas Parties. I hope all the joy and love we felt living there is felt by everyone that moves in and shares our hospitality.

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