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Joana A.
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Lisabon, Campo
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Lx Factory Boho Asian chic one bedroom flat

Hodnoceno dne: 14.08.2023 Délka pobytu: 5 měsíců

I will remember the first 5 months of my life in Lisbon as a great time thanks to this apartment: authentic building, wonderful interior design, security (electronic lock), comfort. The location is great - all public transportation within a minute's walk, even two train stations, but at the same time very quiet nearby. Lots of interesting places around - restaurants, LX factory, waterfront, grocery store. The stunning view from the kitchen made every morning inspiring for me.

It better place to live in Lisbon - not so touristic, but city center is super close. You can find everything you need in Alcantara district.

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LX Factory, Mirari, Docas de Santo Amaro, Underground village

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Anna E.

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Hi, I am a legal professional who is based in Asia and travel a lot. My home in Lisbon is let to those who are kind, rspectful and are willing to take care of my home as if it was their own piece of joy. I know what it means to work remote, so my space provides a quintessential comfortable space for 1 or a couple living and working. You will have lots of support from me whenever something is needed or is not right and I am only a whatsapp call or message away.

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