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Laura R
Laura R.
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Kieren S.
Kieren S.
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We really enjoyed our stay in Lagos, however, to give the most honest and accurate review of our stay i will have to mention some things:
We struggled to sleep comfortably (and from speaking with the other guests during our stay, they felt the same). This came down to 2 main things:
1 - The pillows were not comfortable
2 - Our room did not have a fan (no air conditioning either) and the apartment itself was noticeably hotter than the outside temperature (which was most days 35c).
To my discredit, I never brought up either of the following issues (which probably could have been easily fixed if I had said something)

Despite this making our stay not so comfortable. Everything else in the apartment was fine and Laura our host was very friendly.


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Passionate about traveling and living abroad, nowadays enjoying and chilling my days in sunny Lagos, Algarve.

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