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Lisbeyond T
Lisbeyond T.
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Lisabon, Almada, Porto, Costa da Caparica
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Ivan G.
Před před 4 měsíci
Great and cosy apartment in a great area of Lisbon. Very responsive Landlords.
Quentin R.
Quentin R.
Před před 4 měsíci
Maud and his colleagues are nice and reactive, the apartment was fine but just some little things that makes my overall experience 7/10: I had troubles with internet for 2 weeks (not owner's fault), the shower takes super long to empty and you can't use both kitchen heating spots at the same time or the power shut down in all apartment.
And the neighbor just on top of this apartment sometimes plays with his dog with some bouncing ball, wich makes a lot of noise (I tried to talk with him but he won't stop)
Thanks !


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LisBeyond is run by five friends: Diogo & José from Portugal, and Max, Tom & Maud from The Netherlands. We started LisBeyond in 2018 as a property management company. Over the years we have developed close partnerships with a select group of local property owners. So far, we have already welcomed more than 5.000 guests to our apartments, rooms, and houses in Lisbon and Costa da Caparica. Our approach is simple: local, authentic and fun. We work mostly with local, Portuguese partners, with whom we have a personal and friendly relationship. We put a lot of emphasis on this personal connection with our partners because we aim to create an authentic network and provide the best experience for tourists in Lisbon.

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