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Diana P
Diana P.
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Ciao! Sono Diana HI, I'm Diana, mum of Sofia (18y). I'm a travel assistant and property manager with my brand ACACIA Firenze After many years in Fashion business I opened in 2007 a Bed & Breakfast in my family’ 15th century Palazzo Pepi, then transformed in 2 vacation rentals that are among the private apartments I offer you as a Property Manager. In many years I have built a good connection with the community of my fellow travellers and the owners. From this ground grew #acacialife. I’m happy to tip as a local with places to eat and enjoy, tours, a selection of experiences & a calendar of events in town. A project now supported by an amazing crew, all women, whose intention is to make guests feel unique, assisted 7/7 and loved like we love our city.

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