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Marcelo V
Marcelo V.
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Lagos, Lagoss
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Jard v.
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Nice place, very friendly owner and staff. Got a free upgrade to a larger unit. Only minor thing: the room was close to a busy road that can be a bit noisy at times.


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O mně
Hi, my name is Marcelo and I have been a bit of a nomad myself for most of my life including from the very first moment I was born! I am Portuguese but was born in Morocco and spent the first eleven years of my life there and so learned to speak French as well as Arabic. After finishing university I joined the merchant navy and travelled all over the world from Argentina to Denmark and from Barbados to Jordania. Consequently, I also speak quite a few other languages and I enjoy talking to and swapping stories with guests/clients. One of my favourite things to do in my free time is scuba diving and I also still love to travel when I can but most of my time right now is spent managing two businesses:- an apartment hotel, Apartamentos Turísticos Sollagos ( www.sollagos.com ) and a Cowork Room, Centro - Work & Event Space ( www.centro-lagos.com ).

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