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Manuela N.
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Foz de Arouce
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Green Room

Hodnoceno dne: 29.10.2022 Délka pobytu: 14 dní

Manuela went above and beyond in accommodating my stay. I’m so grateful I stayed here. It felt like a real sanctuary. I already miss her cats, one in particular that gives the best massages. And the forest that instantly balances you out and reminds you what’s important. O.K., I’ll stop being sentimental. If you’re looking for refuge, look no further. :’)

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Megan A.

Green Room

Hodnoceno dne: 21.08.2022 Délka pobytu: 1 měsíc

Manuela is the most wonderful host. She is so incredibly generous, kind, patient, and accommodating. I felt so welcome in her home before I ever even arrived, and then somehow even more so once I finally did. We've shared meals, laughs, & great conversation, and she's been amazing for giving tours of the coolest spots & events in the area, and even just with helping to get around, in general. She has a gorgeous, peaceful home on truly beautiful land that she works so hard to take care of. She genuinely creates a safe, healing space. This was an incredible first place to land in my transition into Portugal, and I feel so blessed for the sanctuary and friendship I've found with Manuela. I could not be more grateful for my time here.

tenant photo

Cate F.

White Room - Single bed

Hodnoceno dne: 27.07.2022 Délka pobytu: 1 měsíc

The owner of the house Manuela is a very nice person and her house is wonerful place for people who want to enjoy nature, fresh air, beautiful landscapes, mountains and swimmimg in the localriver. I recommend this place to people who want inspiration for activity or just rest from big city life, Casa de Libelinhas, House of dragonflies.

tenant photo

Svitlana P.

Green Room

Hodnoceno dne: 21.06.2022 Délka pobytu: 15 dní

Manuela is kind, helpful, and makes you feel right at home. She has been such a wonderful person to meet on my journey and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to stay in her gorgeous home and get to know her.
I booked the green room and loved waking up every morning to the birds singing and the peacefulness of the property. The cats and goats are a blessing and loved being in their energy. This space is is more remote which I prefer, but you can walk or take a taxi to Lousa or take the bus to Coimbra, and from there head off on an adventure. I have really loved being in this space and in Manuela's home. I highly recommend her and her sanctuary for anyone looking for a quiet space or for inner reflection.

tenant photo

Kortney O.

Green Room

Hodnoceno dne: 19.02.2021 Délka pobytu: 14 dní

Manuela is a lovely host! It was an amazingly peaceful experience to live with her and her 3 cats. Yeah, the 3 cats are definitely a big part of the household :)

Definitely recommended for people who enjoy nature, quietness, calmness and good company.

tenant photo

Maxim V.


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I am a curious person and nature lover. I love animals, plants, flowers and gardening. I like to meet people from the world and learn from them. I made several trips and at this moment decided to live in a village and enjoy an harmonious, peaceful and beautiful place. My main work is in alternative educational projects, but I also work as a therapist in ayurvedic yoga massage - Kusum Modak's method, and as ashatanga yoga teacher despite being stopped for some years. I have a lot of land to plant and a small forest that's why i'm so interested in learning about agriculture and permaculture ... My wish is to develop a natural and respectful lifestyle for all beings.

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