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Manuela N
Manuela N.
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Foz de Arouce
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Kortney O.
Kortney O.
Před před 7 dny
Manuela is kind, helpful, and makes you feel right at home. She has been such a wonderful person to meet on my journey and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to stay in her gorgeous home and get to know her.
I booked the green room and loved waking up every morning to the birds singing and the peacefulness of the property. The cats and goats are a blessing and loved being in their energy. This space is is more remote which I prefer, but you can walk or take a taxi to Lousa or take the bus to Coimbra, and from there head off on an adventure. I have really loved being in this space and in Manuela's home. I highly recommend her and her sanctuary for anyone looking for a quiet space or for inner reflection.
Maxim V.
Maxim V.
Před před rokem
Manuela is a lovely host! It was an amazingly peaceful experience to live with her and her 3 cats. Yeah, the 3 cats are definitely a big part of the household :)

Definitely recommended for people who enjoy nature, quietness, calmness and good company.


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I am a curious person and nature lover. I love animals, plants, flowers and gardening. I like to meet people from the world and learn from them. I made several trips and at this moment decided to live in a village and enjoy an harmonious, peaceful and beautiful place. My main work is in alternative educational projects, but I also work as a therapist in ayurvedic yoga massage - Kusum Modak's method, and as ashatanga yoga teacher despite being stopped for some years. I have a lot of land to plant and a small forest that's why i'm so interested in learning about agriculture and permaculture ... My wish is to develop a natural and respectful lifestyle for all beings.

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