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Dário M.
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Travel Themed Home | Office • Balcony • Lofts

Hodnoceno dne: 25.01.2022 Délka pobytu: 14 dní

Dario is amazing, he ensured that everything was perfect. He went as far as showing me around the neighborhood and explaining everything in detail. The place is amazing, due to the pandemic we decided to spend more time at the property, and I can't imagine if we stay elsewhere. Full of character and the kids loved it.

It is very close to everywhere.

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William B.

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Hi! I´m Dário, I´ve become an entrepeneur since I quit my career as a Pharmacist in 2015, to follow my dream to travel the world and work in Hospitality! Inspired by 3 years of travels around Europe / SE Asia and after working at an awarded Hostel in Lisbon, I´ve accomplished my new dream of running my own Airbnb business, 100% designed by myself: the Wanderful Home :) More info about my previous experience in Travel and Hospitality: I´ve worked in Lisbon at the #1 Hostel in the World (awarded in 2019), I´ve been to 26 countries so far, - I´ve stayed in +100 accomodations and my favourite countries are Japan and Thailand!

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