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Jorge C
Jorge C.
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I'm 50 years old and I work in hospitality at the best level for 30 years. I will be your host during your stay and give you all the support and information you need to enjoy and discover Madeira Island and have a confortable experience. I speak 4 languages fluently besides Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish and basic German. Looking forward to welcome you!
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My personal interests are gardens, gastronomy, literature and arts. I'm also dedicate to creat an holistic get away with a complete retreat program to regenerate body, mind and spirit. We dedicate our selves to the Bio Vineyards productions according to the Biodynamics principals and we aim to have our first bio Madeira Wine bottled in 2023 from the 2020 harvest. I also love travelling, sailing, and to ride a motorbike. I love dogs, and I had German Shepards and a Golden retriever . More than anything else I'm a family dedicated person.

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