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Sónia O
Sónia O.
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Barbara K.
Barbara K.
Před před 2 měsíci
From the beginning of our rental, we have had poor and unprofessional experiences with Cool Villas representatives.

We promptly filed some of the concerns we noticed with the VIlla (malfunctioning Awnings, broken washing machine, stuck front door, broken clips for screen doors, deck retaining water due to poor drainage, etc.) with Cool Villas; especially the washing machine issue. Due to their negative handling of the issue, we contacted Flatio.com to report our findings. We also gave the benefit of the doubt by NOT accepting a credit from Flatio.com since we enjoyed th e location of the Villa. At this point, we are unsatisfied with the whole experience.

They (Cool Villas) have implied that we are responsible for damaging items, such as the extremely outdated and over-used (broken hinge for the door - which we replaced) Washing Machine. Most of the appliances in the unit are very old, perhaps from the time when the unit was built.

When there was a problem in the unit, their response was to blame/question us. This started with the washing machine's broken door and not spinning clothes properly, and the rep accused me of "breaking the washing machine". The washing machine & other appliances are very old, and heavily used. These issues were never resolved satisfactorily. To the last day I would have to wring out clothing manually and hope they would dry in a reasonable time, due to excess water. The washer would take hours to wash.

A number of times I had to do the laundry outside of the unit at Albufeira Marina's public Lavandaria. We even paid another Lavandaria in Gale to wash/dry our clothes on one occasion.

On one occasion, we could not open the oven door. It was jammed, and we had to wait several days, and then several hours for the technician to take apart the entire oven, and rebuild it with new hinges.

Shortly after we entered the unit, the front door would not open. My husband had to climb through the bathroom window to get into the unit, and, still could not open the door from inside. I had to enter the unit from the side gate and screen doors while waiting for the repair person to come and lube and fix the front door. Cool Villas behaved as if the front-door problem was our fault.

Their negative attitude made us feel uncomfortable contacting them for other issues. We have rented with 3 other providers in Portugal, and have never had an experience like this before.

On Sunday evening, our penultimate day, Cool Villas came over to do a final inspection, and after about 30 minutes declared that everything was fine. Last evening, I received a text accusing me of bleaching some of the bathroom towels, and asking me to pay for damage. I did not have bleach, nor currently know how to identify bleach products in Portugal. We had noticed the a couple of the towels had bleach marks from the beginning, but it wasn't a big deal for us. This indicates their inspections are not thorough, as they should have noticed the towel damage before we arrived.

The Cool Villas' reps are liars, whose default is to blame the guest.

We will be sure to use social media to denounce their behavior.
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Françoise F.
Před před 6 měsíci
Logement agréable, spacieux. Manque d'informations sur l'electromenager et manque de couverts


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Property Manager of Cool Villas Algarve. We manage comfortable and stylish apartments in the Algarve.
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Reservations Manager at Cool Villas, a private holiday letting company from Algarve. Mother of 3 children and 2 dogs, loves to travel, to read, music, food and a good laugh.

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