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Miguel M.
Lagoa, Ribeira Grande
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I'm a Designer & Consultant for HoReCa projects and love to spend a good time with my wife, family and friends, preferably in inspiring places, which our beloved island provides. In what used to be our home (SouthCoast 11 in Lagoa, Açores) or in the HillTop for some seasonal retreats, we simply loved contemplating the balconies' views. The leaves falling between the Autumn's fog, the rain in the winter, the spring bloom, or finally in that Summer with the orange-painted-mountains background in the late afternoons where some fresh fish was ready to be grilled and relished with a good white wine, among friends and family. Although we don't have the chance to travel much, we're fascinated about our magical island and hoping to get to know other places in the future. It was by having these such inspiring times that we realized that this kind of moments should belong to everyone who's willing to experience it! That's why we are committed to this new project of hosting guests from all over the world. We wish to share this piece of the Azores, and to achieve the dream of traveling and getting to know other cultures, inspiring places and life stories.

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