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Marina M.
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Hello, I 'm Marina. Lefkada is an all year round destination. Have you ever thought working from a greek island like Lefkada and have a temporary office on the beach or in a café? Make a new lifestyle choice, experience excellent living conditions to complement your online working day. You could start each morning with a swim or a jogging in the countryside. During your day, you can shop fresh local products in the market, drink coffee in the cafes, eat in the restaurants or just take a walk near the sea. Why not combine your daily routine with practicing yoga and meditation in the nature? You can even learn greek if you want! Have the chance to meet people and build a new social life, whilst friends and family can always come to visit you. You can enjoy many advantages of living in Lefkada Island, such as more than 300 sunny days in one year, enjoying local food and wine. Swimming on the most beautiful beaches in the world. Go village hopping in the green interior. After a working day like this, you will be motivated, full of energy and inspiration.

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