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Josep C.
La Serra d'Almos
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Hi, I'm Josep! I'm a traveler and world explorer and I'm passionate about this little heaven called la Serra d'Almos. Right in the Montsant wine region, next to the Mediterranean coast but off the beaten path. A special village surrounded with vineyards, almond and cherry trees where tradition is still alive. People are genuine and friendly. It's like a very big family. We hope to see you in soon in it. With "Ca Cedó" I put my grain of sand to help preserve the village I was born in. I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I do. I work remotely as an IT consultant and in my free time love to hike, read, play the piano and share a good wine with friends. I'm not always in La Serra d'Almos but I visit often and you'll have always someone around if you need help or just to have a walk!

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