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Annamaria T.
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Palace apartment on Andrassy Avenue

Hodnoceno dne: 14.01.2023 Délka pobytu: 1 měsíc

The apartment is very cold and dark,it cannot be heated,hot water is only enough for a shower one person,you have to separately pay for heating and electrycity,it is not included in the price,do not rent on Flatio,the whole thing is a scam

As a host of 20 years and a superhost for more than a decade, I take any concern of my guests very seriously. This has been reflected in 80 FIVE STAR reviews for this apartment that Mr. Fodor calls ‘scam’. I was very clear from the beginning that energy usage is capped and above a certain amount there is a charge set by the government. Mr. Fodor signed the agreement and had the opportunity to change his mind before arrival. I gave Mr. Fodor a discount on the advertised rent to help with any potential overage in energy consumption. In addition I also gave him two free energy days. I am sorry that this wasn’t enough. For the record, when the apartment was handed back, the indoor temperature was 20.6 degrees.

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Gusztav F.

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We are filmmakers currently working in Sydney. While we are away, we'd love to share the tranquility and beauty of our centrally located Budapest home with guests.
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Our work is our hobbies as well as we re driven by curiosity that takes us on adventures around the world.

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