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Djamila M
Djamila M.
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Hello everyone, my name is Djamila. I represent Lodge Concept (a small family Company) with this project, 1930 City Lodge, since 2014. We started renting rooms in this property, but in 2016, when the family started growing, we had to restructrure. To improve our guests' comfort, we decided to rent the entire place in exclusivity for each group/family. Since the beginning we've already met people from all around the World and we made some good friends, that we still keep. Our goal since the beginning is to offer a comfy, bright and cozy place to everyone who visit Porto. After a tiring day discovering all the city's charming places, it’s comforting to have a welcoming place to return. When you come home and close the front door, you almost forget you are in one of the busiest streets in town . Come and visit us!
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My interests and hobbies: I love photography and making some photographic compositions that I post on social media; I am a confessed gourmand, I love cooking and researching recipes, as well as following blogs on gastronomic photography. I like to do some DIY jobs and on vacation, to entertain my kids, I like to color stones that we pickup on the beach. Sometimes, to reduce anxiety, I do some gardening! I love olive trees and I'm a olive tree colector! In my free time I like to read, whenever possible. Traveling is on the top of the list!

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