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Alex A
Alex A.
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Sa Pobla
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Maria A.
Maria A.
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Alex and Cumie are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! In fact, they are so that I’m planning on revisiting Mallorca and staying in their house again! They are extremely eager to help you, and super flexible and accommodating. They are also open to feedback so should you have any problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Room 3 is beautiful, comfy, and there’s definitely enough space for you and your stuff. It’s exactly as pictured: there’s a single bed, two lamps, a desk by the window, a small heater for the winter months, and a couple of chairs. It’s also located on the side of a busy street and unfortunately it can get loud during the day and at night. If you are sensitive to loud sounds like me, or if your work requires video calling, I’d recommend asking Alex if another room is vacant, or if there’s another space you could use during those instances (if video calling is infrequent for your work). There may also be a construction crew from time to time that’s there to fix/build new and cool things!! Cumie, Alex’s wife, is very good about letting tenants know when the construction workers will be there, so you’ll be given a heads-up if that happens so you can adjust accordingly if this interferes with your work. Cumie and Alex are both super communicative and understanding, so you’ll be in good hands! There’s also a wifi-extender on the floor, very close to the room, so hopefully that should help with the wifi speed for your work. We encountered some wifi problems during my stay, but a new router seemed to fix all the issues! 😊

Now on to the house! It is exactly as pictured; super beautiful and spacious! There are also a couple of bikes that tenants can use during their stay so they can explore the surrounding areas! This truly is a wonderful opportunity since Sa Pobla is so full of nature! There’s also a large kitchen that’s fully equipped, and mini-fridges (with a small freezer) for each tenant. There’s plenty of space for your food; just keep in mind that since you’ll be living very close to nature you may encounter some critters from time to time. Nothing to worry about though! Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I’m very excited to visit again!


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We are a photographer/musician couple dedicated to facilitating individual creative growth through a culturally diverse nomadic lifestyle. We've been hosting other creatives for over 15 years and finally were able to develop our first dedicated coliving space in the inspiringly beautiful island of Mallorca.
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Photography, Music, Interior Design, Travel, Animals, Agriculture

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